Eric D. Schabell: Limburg vacation week two results!

Friday, July 14, 2006

Limburg vacation week two results!

The second week (July 08) on vacation in Limburg and I have takes a bit longer trips to include Belgium.

  • 2/07 - Gulperberg + 4 km climb to Margraten + 4e cat. climb by Eckelrade + long climb to Cadier en Keer + Cauberg in a 42 km ride
  • 06/07 - followed part of the course from the 3rd stage of Tour de France: 3 km 4e cat. climb from Eijs to Trintelen + Cauberg + 4e cat. climb from Wijlte to Elkenrade in a 33 km ride
  • 08/07 - Vaals + 3 landenpunt 4e cat climb + Belgium via Sippenaeken - Teuven - Slenaken which included 3x long 4e cat. climbs + 4e cat. climb from Tour de France stage by Slenaken in a 50 km ride

Grand total of 125 km and 13 climbs!