Eric D. Schabell: Visit to PFC Henry L. Hooper with my daughter

Friday, July 14, 2006

Visit to PFC Henry L. Hooper with my daughter

I visited Margraten on the 3rd of July with my daughter to place some flowers and pass on a bit of the story to her. Was a nice thing to start sharing with her, I hope to do this often in the future together.

The first picture is of us laying the flowers that my daughter picked herself on PFC Henry L. Hoopers grave. The second is of us selecting a single flower to be placed on a Medal of Honor winner who lays a few rows away (I always do this when I visit). The final picture shows us talking a bit about what happened to PFC Henry L. Hooper. Even though I know she will not understand most of it I feel one can begin small with these stories.

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