Eric D. Schabell: Ubuntu to Kubuntu puts me back in KDE heaven!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Ubuntu to Kubuntu puts me back in KDE heaven!

I have been a long time Linux user, starting with SuSE and moving onwards to sourcebased distro’s. At work I pretty much don’t need the hassle of tyring to keep my sourcebased distro running smoothly while developing software against deadlines, so I jumped back onto the SuSE bandwagon.

As previously posted here, I moved off of SuSE and gave Ubuntu a try. I am rather happy with the move, even on my amd64 it is running rather well. I did hit a few problems with flash and such not being available for the 64 bit environment, but was able to solve these problems by making use of the ‘linux32′ environment (just google a bit and you will find how to install flash and such for amd64’s on Ubuntu).

Having conquered that hurdle, I desperately wanted to move over to KDE for my desktop (sorry, I am a KDE fan), so this is what I did instead of reinstalling with KUbuntu:

  • sudo bash
  • aptitude search kubuntu
  • aptitude install kubuntu-artwork-usplash kubuntu-default-settings kubuntu-desktop kubuntu-docs kubuntu-grub-splashimages kubuntu-konqueror-shortcuts
  • reboot and watch the pretty KDE stuff run!
Now I know it is all not necessary but I like the various splash screens too. As of today I am back into KDE land!