Eric D. Schabell: Install OpenShift as your private PaaS (video)

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Install OpenShift as your private PaaS (video)

An install so easy, your granny can do it!
Earlier this month we released a new demo project, one that showed you the easiest way to install OpenShift as a private Platform as a Service (PaaS) on your local machine.

While we thought that in three easy steps you could have the entire OpenShift installed as a private PaaS, we realize some still might not believe it is that easy.

Just for you, we have put together a video that is just over three and a half minutes, showing you exactly how to do it. We take you from zero to a fully functional private PaaS based on OpenShift with the install demo that makes it so easy, even your granny could do it.

If this won't convince you, then nothing will, so give it a try today and enter the world of self service development and start delivering your applications in your very own private PaaS.