Eric D. Schabell: Firefox plugin for configurable Snap Shots everywhere

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Firefox plugin for configurable Snap Shots everywhere

I am still not too sure about this product. I have run it previously on several sites I maintain but eventually removed it. It was a personal preference, it was irritating to have the previews pop-up everywhere. The often got in the way of under lying links I wanted to reach. These and other usability issues have been discussed and criticized on the Internet.

I have recently put Snap Shots back into this website as they have a new option to allow only previews from the icon next to a link. This makes it much more manageable.

Now they have come up with a Snap Shots Firefox Add-On (install) which includes a selling point that hit closer to home on usefulness:
  • Add Preview Shots to popular sites such as Google, Yahoo!, Wikipedia, and more...
I have installed it as I think that, for example, the Snap Shots of search results will be very useful.

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