Eric D. Schabell: Austin Mini gets electronic ignition

Friday, August 17, 2007

Austin Mini gets electronic ignition

I took my Mini into the shop for some needed work that I am unable to take care of myself as I have no garage. The front windscreen has been leaking for some time now so had the seals replaced and windscreen refitted. It now has a wider rubber seal as there is some rust starting on the bottom half of the windscreen area.

I have also been thinking about upgrading the ignition to an electronic version instead of the original contact points. I have been having problems with jittery rides a different speeds and at different temperatures. Yes, I can adjust various things to fix it, but have been getting tired of this ongoing game. So I took the plunge and let them install an electronic ignition. What a difference!

Finally, I had them troubleshoot and fix a problem I have been having with the electrical wiring on the drivers side. Intermittent loss of hazards, dome lighting and back windscreen heating elements has continued to escape my attempts to locate the cause. It seems that it was a few in-line fuses that were pretty bad and some of the wiring in the firewall that was corroded. They replaced some of the wiring and included some newer waterproof fuses.