Eric D. Schabell: Big ride yesterday to Boekel

Monday, August 20, 2007

Big ride yesterday to Boekel

Yesterday off to the Ronde van Boekel to watch the semi-prof men's cycling races and the women's pro tour cycling races. This gave us a destination for our weekend trip and we made a nice long trip of it. We went through s-Hertogenbosch, Oss, Uden, Vokel, Boekel and then back via Erp, the Zuid Willemsvaart canal to s-Hertogenbosch.

Along the way we watched the cycling races, drank some coffee and also had some nice strawberry pie to keep the blood sugar up for the total of 89 km's we ended up cycling. It was over a period of 3,5 hours and we had a bit of head wind on the way out, but wind behind us on the way back. There was enough sun that we both got a little burned and just managed to get home before the rain caught up with us.

All in all, a good weekend ride on my bike since having it serviced. I have new handlebars, new gears on the back (were worn out) and a new chain. Not bad after 3600 odd km's and one fall! ;-)