Eric D. Schabell: Lost my domain name registration this week

Friday, August 1, 2008

Lost my domain name registration this week

Well, if you are seeing this post then the site DNS has finally propagated around to your corner of the world. It seems the DNS hosting I had setup decided to expire my DNS management module, so all of the settings just disappeared.

I took a closer look at the WHOIS information and it seems my auto-renewal system failed with some old credit card information. No warning from my registration company (Names Direct), just let it free.

The results were that my domain got hijacked by a pill selling spammer. A bit of research showed that the following person thought they were being rather sneaky:

67-87 Hlopina street
St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg 197729

Feel free to spam or bash the site...

I have migrated my site over to and when you can read this post it will have hit the DNS near you.

Let this be a lesson to those of you out there, auto-renewals are not worth the crappy service they implement at registration companies (I am holding back their name, even though I should dump this on the Internet). I am so disappointed to lose my original domain, registered in June 2001 - June 2008...