Eric D. Schabell: Arhnem and the Veluwe

Monday, July 28, 2008

Arhnem and the Veluwe

Yesterday went on a bit of a ride through the hills and forests of Arnhem. 75 km, very hot and humid day so was a bit of a workout when out into the open sunny areas (called 'heide' there), but lovely and cool in the forested areas.

The fellow riders were a bit on the un-trained side so it was a rather relaxed ride (something like 25km/hr average) and we avoided the Postbank climb (bummer...), but on the last 15km to home we just let each person blow open the doors as he saw fit.

I did that last part in an average speed over 35km/hr, passed a motorized bike (he never caught back up to me either), and kept my heart rate between 180-185 the whole way with lovely rolling hills to tire me out. Nice time trial type of finish to the ride.

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