Eric D. Schabell: Mobile GMail v2.0.6 Download

Friday, April 3, 2009

Mobile GMail v2.0.6 Download

This was annoying to look for, so here is the direct link to download Gmail app for your mobile phone:

UPDATE (07 Oct 2009):
Linked moved off to somewhere new, so you can get this download via (enter this in your phone of course, will fail on a desktop):

Removed old link.


  1. Hi, Eric

    This link no longer seems to work just giving a "Not found" error - do you know where it's moved to?

  2. Updated post, they seemed to have moved the old link off somewhere else.

  3. Why do google make it so difficult to find this app file, I enter my mobile no and the text they send me sends me back to the same page!!! aaaghh!


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