Eric D. Schabell: 2010 in review

Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 in review

It is that time of year, when Christmas has passed (did you get the things you wished for?) and the New Year is upon us. A time for reflection and appreciating the things we have achieved.

As I look back I tried to come up with a picture to put in this post that would reflect the leading theme in my year. It should be apparent that my life at Red Hat has settled down and I am fully focused on JBoss with a favouritism for jBPM. This has kept me busy professionally this year and taken me to four different countries in Europe, three major conferences and countless customer / partner workshops.

This year saw the continuation of my Subject Matter Expert (SME) role for JBoss jBPM and JBoss BRMS being expanded out into the JBoss SOA-P product. Much of this role had me on the move with a short review here:
I guess the biggest project that has started rolling is the future of jBPM, with planning and work being done to create jBPM5. This led me to think about it, think some more and then start a project on jBPM migration strategies. This I wrote about a bit too and expect this project to keep me busy into the new year.

On the cycling front I made some great rides this year in several countries which I list here but you can follow on twitter which are tagged with #ericscycling:
  • spent some time on vacation in Zeeland, watching Giro 2010 pass by!
  • several rides in the Veluwe, killing myself on the Postbank
  • several summer Limburg rides; climbing and in the hills
  • several rides from home to Uden for family visits
  • again rode the Oude Holleweg and Van Randwijckweg in Beek
  • weekend ride in Trier, Germany with the killing valley hills there (thanks ErikP)
Being healthy and happy, I wish you and yours all the best in 2011!