Eric D. Schabell: JUDCon 2011 impressions from Boston

Thursday, May 5, 2011

JUDCon 2011 impressions from Boston

JUDCon 2011 Boston
My impression of JUDCon 2011 in Boston with just a few photo's as I was just too busy catching up with old developer friends, meeting new ones, chatting with community members and having a good time to take more I guess!

We met up at the local Boston BJUG in Cambridge on Sunday night, with beers and talking development until around midnight when I finally headed for home. On Monday I held my talk on jBPM Migration tooling which was really well received. Below you will find the evaluations from the attendees, good input!

Session evaluations
Monday night was a hackfest and I joined up with the BoxGrinder / Torquebox groups and collected a few cool stickers for my laptop, thanks guys! Also spent some time watching Mark Proctor and Kris Verlaenen dealing with some build issues in Drools / jBPM projects (see pictures).

Tuesday was spent mostly in a long session to immerse the NA teams into jBPM5 together with the core team and product manager. I met up with some cool (ex-cycling guy, so we hit it off fine, eh Derrick?) colleagues from the US. Showed off my jBPM Migration tooling along with the jBPM5 tooling. The evening melted over into registration for JBoss World and the keynote kick-offs for that conference.

I had such a great time, met lots of great people and the level op technical depth on the sessions was outstanding. I would really like to thank James Cobb for taking such good care of me (and for carting the Mellow Johnny's kit around) along with the rest of the organizers. The best JUDCon ever!

I hope I can come to each and every one, they are the highlight of the conference season.

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