Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fedora 15 screen casting with Gnome 3

GNOME 3 has embedded software that allows you to record your desktop. This makes it very easy to create a screencast in GNOME 3.

Start/stop recording your GNOME 3 Desktop by pressing the Ctrl+Shift+Alt+R key combination.

The first time when you press this key combination, GNOME 3 will start recording your Desktop. A red circle is displayed in the bottom right corner of the screen when the recording is in progress. Pressing the same key combination a second time will stop the recording.

After the recording is finished, a file named 'shell-%d%u-%c.webm' is saved in the home directory. In the filename, %d is the date, %u is a string that makes the filename unique, and %c is a counter that is incremented each time a recording is made within a single gnome-shell session. The recording is saved in the WebM format.

Now we can do our Red Hat JBoss screencasts without much trouble, but next step is to get audio track included. ;-)


  1. Nice and cool

  2. Have you found a way to incorporate audio recording with Gnome 3's desktop recorder yet? I thought of maybe recording audio separately with an audio recording application at the same time, then merging them together in kdenlive or some other video editing software. Or record the audio on an external device and then integrate them in the editing software. But it would be nice if it recorded video and audio with just the one application.