Wednesday, July 13, 2011

JFall 2011: jBPM Migrations - providing a path into the future of BPM

My submission about the jBPM Migration Project for the NLJUG JFall conference:

 jBPM Migrations - providing a path into the future of BPM
This session will outline the status of our jBPM migration tooling project. We will take a look at the background of jBPM 3 process projects and how we plan to help you migrate to jBPM5. We will start by providing you with a plan for positioning your existing Enterprise jBPM projects for the eventual move towards jBPM5. This will cover the architectural layers involved, a look at the tooling being created for this and steps you can take to ensure a smooth transition moving into your jBPM future. Finally we will demo the existing tooling on an actual existing enterprise jBPM projects. This will provide you with real life scenarios to take home as examples for your own BPM projects. The presenters have over 6 years of combined enterprise jBPM experience and have completed award winning BPM projects in the Netherlands. They initiated the jBPM migration tooling project to assist the community with their migration concerns.

 See you there in Nijkerk on 2 November 2011?