Wednesday, July 13, 2011

JFall 2011: OpenShift - real development using cloudy JBoss

My submission to demo OpenShift at the NLJUG JFall conference:

OpenShift - real development using cloudy JBoss

  This session will provide the background on what PaaS is and what this means for you as a developer. We will separate this term from those like Cloud, IaaS and SaaS to give you a real solid basis of what this technology means to you. We will discuss why you would even want to make use of PaaS and what the future is going to look like for you as an Enterprise Developer. A large part of the session will demonstrate the current status of OpenShift. We will walk the audience through their first ever Cloud application running on OpenShift. The final part of this session will provide a look into the more advances levels of OpenShift, demonstrating the tooling provided to manage your PaaS deployments. We will discuss the various components that are available to you as a developer and how much control you have over these components.

 See you there in Nijkerk on 2 November 2011?