Friday, September 2, 2011

Cloud Developer Convention 2011: Get your code in the Cloud and your PaaS over here - The OpenShift primer for developers

In October I will be doing a tour through Germany with the OpenShift core team, stopping at a few cloud conferences. TechTalks | Cloud::Developer Convention is in Hamburg, on the 13-14th and will feature technical talks targeting real developers. I look forward to speaking and wandering around my old stomping grounds in Hamburg!

Get Your Code in the Cloud and Your PaaS Over Here – The OpenShift Primer for Developers

Whether you’re a seasoned Java developer looking to start hacking on EE6 or you just wrote your first line of Ruby yesterday, the cloud is turning out to be the perfect environment for developing applications in just about any modern language or framework. There are plenty of clouds and platform-as-a-services to choose from, but where to start? Join us for an action-packed hour of power where we’ll show you how to deploy an application written in the language of your choice – Java, Ruby, PHP, Perl or Python, with the framework of your choice – EE6, CDI, Seam, Spring, Zend, Cake, Rails, Sinatra, PerlDancer or Django to the OpenShift PaaS in just minutes. And without having to rewrite your app to get it to work the way the cloud provider thinks your app should work.
Check the command-line fun of Eric Schabell as he leverages Git to onboard apps onto OpenShift Express in seconds, while also making use of the web browser do the heavy-lifting of provisioning clusters, deploying, monitoring and auto-scaling apps in OpenShift Flex. By the end of this session you’ll have multiple applications running in the cloud, guaranteed, or your money back! (Did we mention OpenShift is free-as-in-beer?)
If you want to learn how the OpenShift PaaS and investing an hour of your time can change everything you thought you knew about developing applications in the cloud, this session is for you!

See you there? :-)