Eric D. Schabell: NLUUG Spring 2012 conference shocked by the Cloud

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

NLUUG Spring 2012 conference shocked by the Cloud

NLUUG Spring 2012
I gave my talk today on OpenShift that was rather enlightening for myself. This was due to the fact that the topic of this conference was Operating Systems. I was really wondering what they would be interested in with regards to a PaaS by Red Hat, given in the form of an OpenShift Primer which is basically targeting a developer audience and getting them started with the project.

As I waited for the room to fill up I notices the audience was very clearly more directed towards system administration types and that they really do love fiddling with the stack (especially the OS). This is something that a PaaS is trying to eliminate from the daily life of a developer. I took a deep breath, laid out the OpenShift t-shirts I brought and dived into the primer session with a goal of making it both interesting to admins and get them interested in helping their developers to stop hanging out at their desks when they need to fiddle with their stacks. We also dug into the new concept of Gears for the first time.

It went over quite well I think, with good interaction, some laughs and the t-shirts were snapped up like hot cakes! I spent time chatting with a few attendees and one organizer that wants to expand the following NLUUG conference to include a Cloud track. I hope to be back at the next one and tantalize the attendees with the latest update on the OpenShift project. Maybe we can even install and use it locally by that time? ;-)

Note: I received a note from one of the attendees the next morning after the conference, timestamped at 1930hrs the night after my session. This attendee went home and dived right into the OpenShift experience and wanted to let me know that he was now trying to come up with that billion dollar idea now that he has the PaaS to host it on. Mission accomplished I would say!