Eric D. Schabell: JBoss One Day Talk 2012 - OpenShift Primer, get your applications into the Cloud

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

JBoss One Day Talk 2012 - OpenShift Primer, get your applications into the Cloud

I have been invited to talk at the JBoss One Day Talk 2012 in Munich, Germany on October 10th, 2012. I will be presenting the following session:

An OpenShift Primer - Get your Applications into the Cloud Today 
Whether your business is running on applications based on Java EE6, PHP or Ruby, the cloud is turning out to be the perfect environment for developing your business. 

There are plenty of clouds and platform-as-a-services to choose from, but where to start? Join us for an action-packed hour of power where we'll show you how to deploy your existing application written in the language of your choice - Java, Ruby, PHP, Perl or Python, with the framework of your choice - EE6, CDI, Seam, Spring, Zend, Cake, Rails, Sinatra, PerlDancer or Django to the OpenShift PaaS in just minutes. 

All this and without having to rewrite your app to get it to work the way the cloud provider thinks your app should work. You can have your business applications running in the cloud on OpenShift Express in seconds

If you want to learn about OpenShift PaaS and see how investing an hour of your time can change everything you thought you knew about putting your business applications in the cloud, this session is for you!

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  1. This talk has been bumped to allow another presenter to have a go. It is a back up talk, so if you really would like to see this one given, push the organization by mailing Arnd Kleinbeck ( :-)


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