Eric D. Schabell: JBoss year in review 2012

Thursday, December 27, 2012

JBoss year in review 2012

This has been quite a year for me, with a big jump to a new adventure from JBoss Solution Architect in the Benelux region to JBoss Technology Evangelist (JTE) in the JBoss Middleware Business Unit.

I could not be happier since making this move. I have been able to get a lot done for the field that I was not able to do like demos, howto blogs and more.

I love to write. It is that simple. I have been lucky enough to find time to write on all kinds of projects this year. Blogging was a big theme with seventy five (75) articles in 2012. You can find the JBoss content here, on and over at I have joined with Java Code Geeks site and was invited as a DZone MVB which means both sites republish content from my blog. I have published several articles at JAX online, several over at and a book called OpenShift Primer at I also lined up a Chinese translator and you will find links at the bottom of my articles that direct you to a translation.

I even found some time to work on a novella and a few short stories are in the works as I write this, all non-technical in nature. A writer writes, everything!

This year we got our first ever Red Hat / JBoss branded cycling gear. I logged over 2k km in places like the Veluwe, Limburg, Belgium and even participated in the ALS tour for a good cause (106km in 4,5 hours)!

I finally split out my tweeting on cycling to a new account @RedHatCycling, check it out if you want to keep up on my adventures on two wheels.

I sure got to move around this big old world this year, starting with the first 6 months as a JBoss SA and finishing with story telling trips as a JTE:

Looking forward to the coming year, with new products, new travels and new stories to tell!