Tuesday, January 8, 2013

NLUUG Spring Conference 2013: OpenShift Primer - Get your code into the Cloud

First submission of the new year goes to the NLUUG Spring Conference, scheduled for 16 May 2013,  a talk covering my latest book and will get you up in no time with OpenShift.


Are you tired of requesting a new development machine for your application? Are you sick of having to setup a new test environment for your application? Do you just want to focus on developing your application in peace without 'dorking with the stack' all of the time? We hear you. We have been there too. Have no fear, OpenShift is here! 

This talk is based on the book OpenShift Primer and is all about getting you started, hands-on, with Red Hat OpenShift PaaS. It is developer focused, concentrating on getting you working on your code in the Cloud in the shortest amount of time. It is based on real world examples and covers all of the languages available to you in OpenShift.

See you there? :)