Eric D. Schabell: JBUG OWL - the journey begins with JBoss BRMS Primer

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

JBUG OWL - the journey begins with JBoss BRMS Primer

This was to be a JBoss Business Rules Management System session, filled with an enlightening live demo to amaze the local JBUG OWL in Germany. It also signals the launch of a new topic in the Primer series.

The promised session was to be my first JBoss BRMS Primer. I have come up with a Primer series after the success of the OpenShift Primer that I took on the road last year and finally turned into an e-book. Here is the abstract of my talk and the slides used with a link to the two demos that were given.

JBoss Business Rules Management System (BRMS) Primer
This session will get you started with JBoss BRMS. It will walk you through some of the capabilities, components and basic concepts that one needs to understand to start building process and rule-driven applications. Join us for an hour or two of Business Process Management (BPM) concepts, explanations of how to capture your enterprises logic in business rules and a demonstration or two from real live processes that bring these concepts to life.

The demos I gave were the JBoss BRMS Customer Evaluation and JBoss BRMS Rewards demos.

The group was very nice, consisting of Java consultants, developers, a few managers, one or two sales and some of the local students braving the bad weather for some snacks, drinks and JBoss technology talks.

It opened with an overview of agile test driven development, which is a topic I understand, but challenged my rather rusty German. This was followed by an quick walk through the JBoss middleware stack, a break and then my session. 

I look forward to working with this group in the future as they were an interested audience and it is a short 3 hour drive through the beautiful German country side for me. Stay tuned, we are working on a follow up session later this year! ;)