Eric D. Schabell: Zero to Hero with JBoss BRMS Primer (webinars)

Monday, March 25, 2013

Zero to Hero with JBoss BRMS Primer (webinars)

I will be giving a two part JBoss Business Rules Management System Primer webinar, something to get you up and running in a hurry with the technology. It is designed around a few demo projects that you an install in minutes, run at home or work, and will get you familiar with the basics around rules, processes and integration with more advanced enterprise components like BPEL, ESB and more.

It is in two parts so here you have the abstracts, dates, times and link to registration:

Zero to Hero with JBoss BRMS Primer (part I)

This session will get you started with JBoss BRMS. It will walk you through some of the capabilities, components and basic concepts that one needs to understand to start building process and rule-driven applications. Join us for an hour of Business Process Management (BPM) concepts, explanations of how to capture your enterprises logic in business rules and a demonstration or two from real live processes that bring these concepts to life. Take a walk with us through the Customer Evaluation Demo and the Rewards Demo where we explain step by step what is happening and how you too can reproduce these locally. By the end of this session you too can amaze your friends and colleagues, becoming the local Red Hat JBoss BRMS hero!

Thursday, April 11, 2013 | 16:00 UTC / 11:00AM (New York) / 5:00PM (Paris) / 9:30PM (Mumbai)

Zero to Hero with JBoss BRMS Primer (part II)
This session will build on the first webinar and take you to the next level with integration into more complex components in you enterprise. The Home Mortgage Integration demo will be put on display, so that you can follow along with the various details that will be presented. We will look at advanced concepts and illustrate how Red Hat JBoss BRMS can work in concert with other components of your Red Hat JBoss Middleware stack to deliver intelligent, integrated business applications.

Register online:

Thursday, April 18, 2013 | 16:00 UTC / 11:00AM (New York) / 5:00PM (Paris) / 9:30PM (Mumbai)

Look forward to seeing you all there at these April webinars! :)


  1. Added part I slides via slideshare, you can download this content. The webinar is recorded, follow the registration link to find the recording at


  2. Glad you enjoyed it.

    If you are familiar with jBPM3 you will get the swing of JBoss BRMS (a.k.a Drools + jBPM5) in no time at all. The demos are attempting to make the first steps as easy as possible.

  3. Eric, will you publish the webinar videos?

    1. They will be published by Red Hat soon. If you follow the registration links they should lead to the recorded sessions once they are online.


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