Friday, August 2, 2013

Setup KPN Experia Box for external administration via port fowarding

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To setup your KPN Experia Box (ADSL modem) so that you can manage it from anywhere on the planet:

  1. Access your KPN Experia Box from its LAN (
  2. Go to Applications -> Port Forwarding
  3. Click on click here to add an application
  4. Give your application a name, like KPNExperiaBox
  5. Choose the ports you want to open, in our case 80, 80, 80, 80 in the four boxes.
  6. Choose Add
  7. In the IP Address field put in the WAN address you will find under Status -> WLAN -> IP field
  8. Choose in the pull down menu the entry you created, KPNExperiaBox
You should now be able to reach the KPN Experia Box administration login page by putting the step #7 WAN IP address into your browser.