Friday, December 6, 2013

JBoss Developer Day in London 2013 - a day of integration, BPM, and OpenShift

Live demo of the BPM Suite & OpenShift

This week I was in London at the JBoss Developer Day to present in two session slots. The talks I posted previously, but the day itself was attended by a good group of customers and contacts that were both knowledgeable and engaged.

The setting was an intimate kind of theater workshop with an amazing cafe off the back with outstanding coffee for us in the breaks. I spent time chatting with many of them and also with several of my colleagues in sales, engineering, and support so the networking was as good as the sessions provided by the speakers.

The slides for both talks are provided here for your enjoyment.

A look into the crystal ball at JBoss BRMS and BPM Suite

OpenShift Primer - Get your applications into the cloud