Eric D. Schabell: JBoss Business Optimizer Demo - Get Started with Tech Preview

Friday, December 20, 2013

JBoss Business Optimizer Demo - Get Started with Tech Preview

With the coming release of the Red Hat JBoss BRMS and BPM Suite products, one of the new Technical Previews, JBoss Business Optimizer, might just get looked over unless you happen to be interested in optimizing your resources.

We are here to rectify this situation and give you a couple of demos all rolled up into a JBoss Business Optimizer demo project. This demo will give you the chance to preview the new technology that comes from the community project OptaPlanner.

Within this demo project you will find two ready to use examples of how the JBoss Business Optimizer can be used. They are pre-installed for you with a minimum of fuss:
  1. git clone
  2. read the file.
  3. see the installs/README and download the listed products from
  4. add the products to the installs/* directory.
  5. run the 
  6. enjoy the demos on http://localhost:8080/optaplanner-webexamples-6.0.0-redhat-6
The installation has a demo around vehicle routing and you can watch a video on the details behind the demo here:

The other demo is around resource planning in the Cloud, which also has a video on the background of the optimizer work being done here: