Monday, December 9, 2013

Open Source Conference Amsterdam 2013 - JBoss Integration & BPM together with a zeppelin Nemo fish

OSC 2013 in Amsterdam.

Previously I mentioned that I will be speaking at the Open Source Conference 2013 in Amsterdam, hosted by Red Hat in the Amsterdam Beurs van Berlage (the old stock exchange building) on the 6th of December.

It was an amazing day that included over 1000 attendees, over 160 attending my session with standing room only in the back (sorry about that guys), and fun had by all in the form of a flying zeppelin Nemo fish that zoomed around the Stock Exchange floor all day.
Flying zeppelin Nemo fish.

This fish was part of a competition to remotely try to get it to 'swim' through the air and through a large hoop that was hanging 10 meters over the Red Hat booth. It was a great idea and at the end of the day they gave the fish away to a young visitor (not sure how he got in to the event) just 6 years old. Apparently, he flew it through the hoop faster than any of the other adults in attendance!
JBoss Integration & BPM session.

My session covered JBoss Integration & BPM with a focus on the upcoming JBoss Fuse Service Works and JBoss BRMS / BPM Suite products. It was jam packed and I was approached at the booth afterwards by several attendees. There is a lot of interest in these coming products.

There were so many stands and people to talk to throughout the day that you were kept really busy. The Benelux team did a great job putting this event together and it was attended by some of the Red Hat big hitters.

My slides can be viewed online as well as the abstract as I previously mentioned.

There is also a promo video that was made of this event that includes an interview with Paul Cormier and you can see the fish flying around in the beginning of the video.