Eric D. Schabell: JBoss BRMS & BPM Suite Lightning Talk at Toronto JUG

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

JBoss BRMS & BPM Suite Lightning Talk at Toronto JUG

This week there is a Toronto JUG meeting, Thursday March 27th at 1830 hrs. I happen to be in the area for another event so contacted the organizers and they were kind enough to fit me in before the main speaker.

I will be there with Marius Bogoevici (ex-JBoss'er) who will be covering some ground on the Play! 2 framework after I give a lightning talk on JBoss Rules & BPM.

It is being held in the Back room of the Free Times Cafe, 320 College St. in Toronto.

Drop in if you are interested in these talks or just want to chat over beers.

Summary of the main talk
In the past few years, the Java ecosystem has seen the rise of a few frameworks that compete with (or complement) the established enterprise Java development model. Whether you see them as the next best thing, or a source of fresh ideas, getting familiar with what they have to offer is an important part of understanding the challenges and trends in the modern enterprise Java world. One of the most popular of these frameworks is Play!, which provides Scala and also Java developers with a highly productive and highly scalable web application development environment.

In this presentation, Marius will give you a hands-on-tour of the Play! Framework, in which we will build together a Play!-based application, showing you how:

  • to create and set up a project
  • build controllers and web pages (with a focus on Play!’s pretty cool Scala template system)
  • integrate with a relational database
  • integrate with a NoSQL database (i.e. MongoDB)
  • secure your application
  • build a REST/JSON set of web services to integrate with an HTML5/REST architecture
  • write unit and integration tests… and time provided, as many more details as we can fit in!

Presenter Bio: Marius Bogoevici is the Senior Server Architect for Infinity Quick, Inc., where he develops the backend of Poptalk (, the mobile application that brings your messaging to life, and where the Play! framework has helped, along with other, more mainstream enterprise Java frameworks (e.g. Spring), to building a highly performant and scalable architecture. Prior to joining Infinity Quick, Marius has been active in the Java OSS space while working for Red Hat and SpringSource, where he actively took part to the development of a number of open-source Java projects such as JBoss AS, Weld (CDI RI), Spring Integration. Previously speaking to JBoss World, DevNexus, Java One and Spring One and happy to return after almost three years with a talk to the Toronto JUG, Marius is also the co-author of “Spring Integration in Action” (Manning, 2012)