Eric D. Schabell: Toronto JUG - Report From Up North

Friday, March 28, 2014

Toronto JUG - Report From Up North

Yesterday I had the honor of attending the Toronto JUG meeting. I happened to be in the area for another event so contacted the organizers and they were kind enough to fit me in before the main speaker.

I previously mentioned that there would be a talk by Marius Bogoevici (ex-JBoss'er) after which I was to do a lightning talk on JBoss Rules & BPM.
What's new in Java 8?

It turned out a bit different, as Marius had to call off sick, so they turned up for a set of short talks covering Java 8 release overview, a pretty fun robot war (attendees brought in pre-programmed robots and we watched 10 battles on the main screen), then I got the chance to lightning through a JBoss BRMS talk, and finally Jonathan (meet him here) tutored us on thread safety.
Fuerth (

I passed out the famous JBoss BRMS & BPM Suite laptop stickers, that went over pretty well. ;)

Warm group, great location.
We were located the Back room of the Free Times Cafe, 320 College St. in Toronto, which has nice food, good beers, and a pretty neat location to hold a JUG. They meet monthly so you might want to join them the last Thursday of every month for your network, knowledge, and social agenda.