Eric D. Schabell: OpenShift Primer revision 2 - new slides available

Friday, May 30, 2014

OpenShift Primer revision 2 - new slides available

With the publication of the OpenShift Primer revision 2 I thought it was time to polish up a bit of the original talk that I have been giving around the world based on this work.

It was born from a need to get the general developer public up and running with Red Hat's OpenShift Platform as a Service (Paas) project. Not just up and running as in getting it installed, but actually getting started coding with real projects.

It is not just about real development projects, but about focusing on JBoss related projects. You will find a lot of examples and quick-starts related to JBoss projects in the Java section as this might be my favorite open source software community to demonstrate enterprise ready solutions.

I took some time to polish it up in reveal.js, so without further delay, here is what I have for you to enjoy along with the book:

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