Thursday, May 29, 2014

Red Hat JBoss BRMS 6 - Online Workshop Setup Fully Automated for Openshift

Anyone that has been following along with this site has seen over the last 11 weeks a series of articles around the JBoss Business Rules Management Suite (BRMS) version 6 workshop.

This workshop walks you step-by-step from nothing through to a complete and working Cool Store retail web shop project.

Along the way you learn about how to design guided rules, make a DSL, a decision table, technical rules, and a ruleflow.
Build the Cool Store all by yourself!

Now that we have moved on into the JBoss BPM Suite version 6 part of the workshop we thought it might be nice to bundle this online free JBoss BRMS 6 workshop for you in a single place.

We also made it a simple one-liner to get it installed into your user account on OpenShift as one of your free instances.

How much easier is it than that to get yourself up and learning with slides and lab work online in the Cloud?

Well, if you need easier then just follow the readme instruction, yes just one instruction, to get this up in your OpenShift Cloud:

No more excuses now, time to get your rules a rockin' and build yourself a Cool Store!