Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Red Hat Summit 2014 JBoss Keynote demo ready to make you a JBoss Rock Star

Customer proces in JBoss Keynote Demo 2014
This year in San Francisco we held the Red Hat Summit 2014, filled with all kinds of session and fun.

The highlight every year is the JBoss Keynote, which takes you on a tour of some of the most amazing JBoss technology available and ties it together in an advanced-hang-it-all-out-there type of live demo.

This year was no different and as has become a bit of a tradition, we have tied it together in a single repeatable demo experience for you to star in your very own JBoss show.

So without further delay, get started rocking your very own JBoss Keynote demo based on what you saw at the Red Hat Summit.

1. Download and unzip.

2. see README in 'installs' directory and add required products.

3. run ''.

After you have done this, see further instructions provided on the project site to send a Twitter message to trigger the process, see sample Salesforce integration, and more.