Eric D. Schabell: Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite - Online Workshop Building a Travel Agency (Lab 01 - Install JBoss BPM Suite)

Monday, May 18, 2015

Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite - Online Workshop Building a Travel Agency (Lab 01 - Install JBoss BPM Suite)

Welcome to the second series of JBoss Business Process Management (BPM) Suite online workshops.

For the very first ones you can start building the JBoss Cool Store retail online web shop and JBoss HR Employee Rewards process project.

In this workshop we will be introducing you to the possibilities that abound for your business when leveraging this product.

Each article presented here will push out the next installment of this workshop that will lead you through building the JBoss BPM Travel Agency, including installation of the product, designing the domain model, building rules, tasks, forms and integrating services.

If you would like a tour of the JBoss BPM Travel Agency, there is a four part video series to quickly get you up and running.

This project is available as a completed project called the JBoss BPM Travel Agency, but we thought it would be interesting to help you build this application from scratch.

All of the workshop materials will be hosted online with the help of OpenShift, so all you need is a browser to follow along below.

You do not need to be a Java developer, as this workshop focuses on only the online product web dashboard experience as an analyst would interact with the product. The only technical deviation from this will be the initial installation of the product, but we have detailed instructions and it is a three step process that should not take you more than a few minutes.

So what are you waiting for?

The previous article we did an introduction to the workshop and a short introduction to rules, events and processes along with the products involved.

In this article we actually start to get our hands dirty by installing the JBoss BPM Suite so we can begin construction of our very own JBoss BPM Travel Agency:

Be sure to keep an eye out for our next article in which we will bring you a step closer to completing your very own JBoss BPM Travel Agency.
Looking to Automate your business?

Series Table of Contents:
  1. Installing JBoss BPM Suite.
  2. Creating a new project.
  3. Creating a domain model.
  4. Create Data Validation Guided Rules
  5. Creating technical data validation rules. (coming soon...)
  6. and much more....
Note: if for some reason the online materials are not available, feel free to contact me.

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