Eric D. Schabell: Webinar - A Guide to Modern BPM Data Integration

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Webinar - A Guide to Modern BPM Data Integration

We have talked about how much fun this can be, we have showed you the videos of how it works and we have showcased it in bpmPaaS.

What more can we do with the JBoss BPM Travel Agency?

Well I am glad you asked, as we will be hosting a live webinar where I will walk you through this fantastic example of how to leverage rules, services, user tasks and more in a travel industry use case.

We will be live on Wednesday, June 17th at 08:00 PT / 11:00 ET / 17:00 CET. Be sure to register online so as not to miss this hour of power where we show you how to modernize your data integration with BPM solutions.

A Guide to Modern BPM Data Integration

Enterprise data is often critical to providing timely and effective information for any enterprise application, but we struggle to integrate our vital and often diverse sources of information to our applications in a timely and effective manner.

No more.

Whether you are a Data Analyst, Business Analyst or in IT Strategy, this webinar will illustrate how easy it is to integrate disparate data spread across your organization when modeling and automating your business processes with modern BPM tools.

We will take you through an in depth sample solution that simulates a Travel Agency with examples of some of the complexities you will encounter:
Looking to Automate your business?

  • realtime disparate data integration 
  • rule based data validation
  • rule based fraud detection for payment processing
  • service integration
You will receive an advanced overview of the capabilities of both the Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualization, Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite and a sample project with which to evaluate the solution.

See you there?

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