Eric D. Schabell: DevNation 2016 - session submission on Cloud and JBoss xPaaS story

Thursday, January 28, 2016

DevNation 2016 - session submission on Cloud and JBoss xPaaS story

This years Red Hat Summit in San Francisco from June 27-29th is going to be a lot of fun.

I have submitted my sessions previously to that conference and now time to get your planning sorted out for DevNation, which will be co-hosted that same week.

This is the prime event for all your Java, JBoss and other related developer interests that always attracts the best speakers from all your favorite projects.

Be sure to get your talks submitted by the Feb 8, 2016 deadline.

Awaken the Force in your developers with containerized Cloud & JBoss xPaaS

Application developers are constantly struggling to create enterprise solutions while deploying them across various environments to production, meet budgets, heed requirements and keep operations happy as they traverse new DevOps strategies.

How can we assist them, remove deployment roadblocks, ease the release of containerized microservice applications and continue to monitor across enterprise Cloud architectures?

The answer can be found in the Clouds with a containerized OpenShift architecture leveraging JBoss xPaaS. The attendees will be taken on a tour, one that provides them with the ability to enable and awaken the Force within their current developer teams.

Join us for an hour of power as we delve into OpenStack, OpenShift, containerized xPaaS and the JBoss tooling that will enable your developers to go from source to containerized deployments as easy as jumps to light-speed.

Hope to see you there!