Eric D. Schabell: OpenStack Summit - Awaken the Force in your application developers with OpenStack

Monday, January 25, 2016

OpenStack Summit - Awaken the Force in your application developers with OpenStack

Recently I started in my new role, where I have the chance to expand my storytelling into the Cloud space again, bringing my application development background together with some pretty exciting Red Hat technology solutions.

Another benefit is that my coverage expands to include some very interesting conference in the Cloud and integrated solutions arena.

For example, one that was outside my reach until now was OpenStack Summit. OpenStack Summit in 2016 will be back in Austin, Texas from 25-29 April.

I have submitted the following session that will bring together OpenStack Cloud based application development with Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure (RHCI) & JBoss xPaaS.

This has never been attempted at the OpenStack Summit, so fingers crossed from some real integrated solution storytelling.

Awaken the Force in your application developers with OpenStack 

Application developers are constantly struggling to create enterprise solutions while deploying them across various environments to production, meet budgets, heed requirements and keep operations happy as they traverse new DevOps strategies.

How can we assist them, remove infrastructure roadblocks, ease the deployment of containerized microservice applications and continue to monitor across enterprise infrastructures?

The answer can be found in the Clouds with a containerized PaaS integrated with enterprise Open Source middleware. The attendees will be taken on a tour, one that provides their enterprise with the ability to enable and awaken the Force within their current developer teams. Join us for an hour of power as we delve into OpenStack, OpenShift, containerized PaaS and the tooling that will enable your developers to go from source to containerized deployments as easy as jumps to light-speed.

Hope to see you there!