Eric D. Schabell: Red Hat Cloud Tools - QuickStart Cloud Installer (video)

Monday, August 8, 2016

Red Hat Cloud Tools - QuickStart Cloud Installer (video)

Since the creation and launch of the Red Hat Cloud Suite there has been some additions in the tooling around make good use of this technology stack. This is the Cloud stack you can't ignore when looking to facilitate both your infrastructure needs and your application development needs.

There is much more to planning and designing your Cloud stack before you make the actual move to setup your environment. With that in mind, Red Hat has gathered some very useful tools to help you in planning, designing and deploying your Cloud infrastructure with Red Hat Cloud Suite.

The following tools are going to be covered in this series:
In this article you will be give a short tour in just over five minutes that will show you how you can benefit when installing your next Cloud deployment with this tool.

QuickStart Cloud Installer

The QuickStart Cloud Installer is a web-based graphical user interface for provisioning cloud products. In one straight-forward installation, you can use it to deploy a single product or multiple products, including Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, Red Hat OpenStack Platform, Red Hat Satellite, and Red Hat CloudForms.

For some of the example applications available for you to experience application development on this Cloud stack, visit the Red Hat Demo Central.

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