Eric D. Schabell: OpenSlava 2017: Keynote & AppDev in the Cloud showcase

Thursday, July 27, 2017

OpenSlava 2017: Keynote & AppDev in the Cloud showcase

openslava 2017
OpenSlava 2017 is a large event that Accenture puts together on emerging technologies and open source.

It's running from October 5-6 in Bratislava, Slovakia which provides the beautiful backdrop to the registration site.

I have been asked to provide the opening keynote session covering open source, Red Hat and what's interesting in our emerging technologies. I have some thoughts on the matter, but won't post that here until post conference event.

Below are a few other talks submitted and well worth your time if you're attending in the Fall.

Real AppDev in the Cloud on your laptop in minutes

You're about to become the lead developer for Destinasia Travel Agency discount rules project... fame and fortune awaits!  As the lead developer of the Destinasia travel discount project, you're tasked to set up a development environment in the Cloud for container-based application services deployments for your team. Once it's set up, you're validating the project services using end-to-end testing. You'll be installing OpenShift Container Platform (OCP), JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (EAP), JBoss Business Rules Management System (BRMS), leverage Ansible automation to deploy several containerized web services and testing the solution using a REST client. After attending this session, try this workshop at home as we provide everything you need online. Join us for this hour of power and increase your skills to rock start level, bring together open technologies, application development, testing and automated containerized cloud deployments all on the space of a laptop.

10 Steps to AppDev in the Cloud Happiness

A modern developers world is full of new tools, new technologies and getting started can become a bit daunting. Let's take a tour of how to get started with containers, Cloud and some examples so that you have your very own private PaaS Cloud on your laptop. You'll be given a private Cloud in minutes that turns your laptop into a container platform where you then can explore a multitude of example projects from such domains as retail, travel, finance and more. Hold on to your developer hats as we get you started on application development in the Cloud with open technologies, Ansible deployment automation and container-based fun. Everything you're shown in this session is available for attendees to explore online and hands-on once they've returned home.

Look forward to chatting with you in Slovakia!

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