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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Free open source workshops available online for AppDev in the Cloud

free open source workshops
Over the years of being a technology evangelist I have come to understand the value of workshops.

They are a way to take developing ideas and deepen them as they gain traction with the audiences I am trying to reach.

Workshops emerge as ideas, then they gain an implementation from either someone in the field or that I put together myself and finally it justifies taking the time to provide depth.

This is the process of teaching, from idea to implementation to detailed workshop. It's taking that initial possibility to the point that demand requires an in depth model everyone can learn from.

Just talking about a solution is not the way to gain traction, it's just the test bed of your ideas. Once you gain traction and there is interest, you develop a demo implementation to prove the value. Often this lacks any form of explanation beyond installation documentation.

To reach the masses, a workshop with step-by-step instructions along with eventual video support is the most effective tool I have found.

Open technology for everyone

free open source workshopsThe workshops found here are all based on open technologies, are hosted with instructions on line in HTML format and can be completed in a self-paced tempo.

Many have links to videos showing how a single lab is done or how to install one of the example technologies. There are also links for deeper exploration in the form of articles or documentation.

The special nature of these workshops is that they showcase only enterprise grade open source products. Everything needed to complete these workshops is available for download online.

It's also possible to schedule one of these workshops to be guided by myself for your team, a meet up or a user group.

free open source workshopsContact me for details or to schedule a date.

AppDev in the Cloud

These workshops are meant for showcasing application development in the Cloud leveraging containers. Technologies like containers, Java, business rules, services, container platforms, integration, container integration and much more are presented for a hands-on experience.

This workshop has you taking on the role of lead developer of the Destinasia travel discount project to set up a development environment in the Cloud for container-based application services deployments.
free open source workshops
Once it's set up, you're validating the services using end-to-end testing.

Tasks include installing OpenShift Container Platform (OCP), JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (EAP), JBoss Business Rules Management System (BRMS), several containerized web services and testing the solution using a REST client.

You'll need a laptop with minimum of 8GB of memory and Internet access for downloading some of the requirements.

Rule the world

free open source workshopsEntering the world of business rules,  events and processes, these workshops are designed to take you on a trip through the products JBoss BRMS and JBoss BPM Suite.

These workshops start with a basic introduction to the concept of rules, events and processes before introducing the products themselves. There are also two starter kits, providing a logical path for you to follow to get started with both JBoss BRMS and BPM Suite.

The first set of workshops build out a web shopping experience online with various rule based discounting systems using JBoss BRMS.  There are two versions of this workshop covering multiple versions of Java and the product JBoss BRMS.

free open source workshopsThe second set of workshops focus on business processes with two offerings that cover projects from completely different domains. These workshops also cover multiple versions of Java and the product JBoss BPM Suite.

Enjoy the workshops and feedback always welcome.

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