Eric D. Schabell: AppDev in the Cloud with Financial Customer Evaluation Solution

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

AppDev in the Cloud with Financial Customer Evaluation Solution

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Good or bad financial customer?
The oldest business logic demo in modern JBoss BRMS times is the Customer Evaluation example launched back in June 2012.

Back then, JBoss BRMS included rules, events and processes. The project provides a fully installed and configured environment for showcasing the project and all the available BPM components. It  includes a JBoss Developer Studio project complete with unit tests.

Since then this project was ported to work on OpenShift version one, version two and it just makes sense to provide it as an AppDev in the Cloud example on the OpenShift Container Platform version three.

Let's take a closer look at how to get started with  the Customer Evaluation project using the JBoss BPM Suite on OpenShift Container Platform.

Customer Evaluation 

appdev cloud
Financial customer evaluation deployed in container-based
cloud platform with OpenShift Container Platform.
The application leverages JBoss BPM Suite and business logic to provide a customer evaluation  application in the Cloud based on the OpenShift Container Platform.

The process is a simple example that shows how to integrate both business logic and processes. It does not make use of any Human Tasks, as it's an example of Straight Through Processing (STP). It executes without stopping, either on a path of success or the path of failure, but it always completes. This in very handy to use for integration into other applications, where you need to showcase BPM features. Just call this process with valid input and it processes the results.

The strength of this example is that you can deploy it to any OpenShift Container Platform installation, two are linked directly in the installation instructions providing you with a quick and easy getting started experience with AppDev in the Cloud.

The following shows how easy the installation on your own private cloud can be.

Install on OpenShift

  1. First ensure you have an OpenShift container based installation, such as one of the following installed first:
  1. Download JBoss EAP & JBoss BPM Suite, add to installs directory (see installs/README).
  2. Run '' or 'init.bat' file. 'init.bat' must be run with Administrative privileges:
   # The installation needs to be pointed to a running version
   # of OpenShift, so pass an IP address such as:
   $ ./  # example for OCP.
Log in to customer evaluation application to start exploring (the address will be generated by the init script):
For more AppDev in the Cloud based projects, see Red Hat Demo Central.