Eric D. Schabell: Shift Developer Conference 2018 - How to Jump Start a Career in Open Source (slides)

Friday, June 1, 2018

Shift Developer Conference 2018 - How to Jump Start a Career in Open Source (slides)

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As previously posted, I spent this week at the largest developer conference in Southeast Europe, known as the Shift Developer Conference 2018.

I gave a talk on the soft skill side of development, suggesting some ways to jump start a career in open source. I did not mention coding, pull requests or even suggest to join a coding project. It's more subtle than the obvious components one would expect in such a topic.

My career in open source has been a long one and I think I've got a few good tips, tricks and pieces of advice based on what's worked on this long and wonderful journey.

Take a look at the slides, see if you can find a way to jump start your career in open source?

As a bit of a review, the abstract:

How To Jump Start a Career in Open Source

It's not magic. It's not luck. It's not going to happen by itself, so what's the secret sauce? Understanding what makes a career in open source grow, what choices are crucial, and what actions accelerate or damage your open source future are sometimes hard to grasp. Learning to position, expand and grow your personal brand in the open source world is what this session provides. Be ready for your next step in open source. Join me for an hour of power where you'll be given a clear and easy to use plan for jump starting your open source career immediately.

And the slides:

Watch the video recording from session on-site here. Hope you enjoyed the talk, see you again next time!

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