Eric D. Schabell: Codemotion Rome 2020 submissions

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Codemotion Rome 2020 submissions

codemotion rome 2020
It's that time of year again, where one of the best Codemotion conferences that is held in Rome on March 27-28, 2020.

I've been invited to speak there several times over the years but it's been awhile so it's time to try again with the topics and material that's been developed over the last year. There's workshop material focused on creating DevOps heroes, microservice tips, and a bit of career help with how open source  is the key.

These are the following submissions I've put forth for Codemotion Rome 2020:

DevOps Heroes: Adding automation integration to your toolbox

DevOps is more than the process of automating your CI/CD pipelines to generate code and deployment artifacts. It's also about organizational change and integration of many subtle processes that help you to deliver and manage applications seamlessly. Let's unlock the power of process integration in a live coding session. We'll install the tooling, build the project components, and deploy a DevOps testing automation integration project right in front of your eyes. Best of all, everything is freely available in an online self-paced workshop format to pursue at home. Join me for some DevOps fun!

5 Questions Everyone Ignores with Microservices

The daily hype is all around you. Microservices are a necessary step along the path to integration for a digitally successful future for your organization. Funny enough, when discussing the development impact while transitioning to microservices, there are five questions that keep popping up. This session covers the questions that everyone should ask about microservices. Join us for an hour of power, where real life developer experiences are used to highlight the lessons we're all learning as we transition our integration infrastructure into modern day microservices.

Open Key to Your Career

It's not coincidence. It's not luck. It's not going to happen by itself, so what's the secret sauce? Understanding what makes a career in open source grow, what choices are crucial, and what actions accelerate or damage your open source future are sometimes hard to grasp. Learning to position, expand and grow your personal brand in the open source world is what this session provides. Be ready for your next step in open source. Join me for an hour of power where you'll be given a clear and easy to use plan for jump starting your open source career immediately.  

Hope that one of these makes the cut and see you there in Rome!