Eric D. Schabell: Getting Started with Cloud Native Development on OpenShift Container Platform (webinar)

Monday, October 7, 2019

Getting Started with Cloud Native Development on OpenShift Container Platform (webinar)

cloud native development
This week I'm hosting a webinar to kick start developers looking to get hands on with an easy to use Cloud Native developer tool chain. It's part of an introduction series of webinars (more here) to help participants get started with their hackaton competition using open source technologies.

This hackaton is sponsored by Red Hat and it's an amazing opportunity for you to leverage the power and disruptiveness of open source. What better way to do this than by teaming up with your best developer colleagues, compete against the best developers in Europe, and take home awesome prizes!

You choose the area. You choose the application, service, frameworks or programming languages you want to use for your solution. We only want you to leverage the power of open source technology provided by Red Hat and plan to mentor you through the process. 

In the webinar on Thursday, 10 Oct at 14:00 CET, I'll be walking you through, live and hands-on, how to setup the cloud native tool chain. You'll see how easy it is on the hand of an example front end application with database back end, then I'll show you how to generate a repository for the project code by linking to your Github account, and generating a CI/CD pipeline to build, test, and deploy directly in to your OpenShift Container Platform.

Red Hat OpenShift Application Runtimes (RHOAR) 
When: Thursday, October 10: 14:00 CET (30 minutes)

To Watch, follow this link:

I've recorded the session and annotated the experience for your viewing pleasure. Watch for this video to be posted here after the event. See you online later this week!