Eric D. Schabell: 2019 in review - Open career and portfolio architecture

Monday, December 30, 2019

2019 in review - Open career and portfolio architecture

2019 in review
As 2019 winds down to its end, I find it a good time to slow down and reflect on what as transpired.

We've shared time together in articles, on flights, on stages, at the coffee machine, on video channels, and in many a Red Hat office around the globe. 

I've spent the year with a fun team where we've been creating architectural blueprints based on customer solutions leveraging the open technology portfolio at Red Hat. Watch for more of this from me in 2020 as we push on ahead.

I passed the ten year mark at Red Hat and we're living in interesting times. With that in mind, here's my review activities from 2019.


multicloud portabilityIf there is one thing I like to do on almost a daily basis, it's writing. This year was no exception as I've published 68 articles on this site, 56 articles syndicated on DZone, and 17 articles featured elsewhere on external sites.

Last year I mentioned the book, Effective Business Process Management with JBoss BPM was released as a free download through the Red Hat Developers Program. In 2018 I signed printed copies at Red Hat Summit and again this year I signed 200 copies in just under an hour in Boston.

Another project based on a series of articles discussing hybrid multicloud pitfalls led to a book you can freely download from the Red Hat site. It's been a fun journey to share customer pitfalls, insights, and feedback from the field as a convenient download.

My hobby of writing as a sports journalist for continued, but slowed considerably. Time will tell in 2020 if I find time to recharge this hobby.

keynote digital architecture design day
Keynote for Digital Architecture Design Day 2019
Finally, I continued presenting on the idea of open is key to your career which was an evolution of how to share and care for your fellow colleagues. I was invited to present two keynotes to open events and have been asked to open another in early 2020.

It's been amazing to share these insights and experiences that can make others better at what they do. It's the most rewarding part of working in open source, the sharing, mentoring, and collaboration that makes all around you grow.

Coding, demos, workshops

This year saw the Red Hat Demo Central repository complete its fourth year since the first commit on April 1, 2016.

This year it expanded beyond the projects illustrating containers, cloud operations, deployments, AppDev in the Cloud to include portfolio architecture tooling and example repositories. Be sure to jump on over there and watch the updates as container based projects are migrating to OpenShift Container Platform 4.2 and beyond.

You can find other work I've done here on Gitlab:
workshopsThese workshops are all constantly undergoing revisions and updates to add new product innovations so be sure to check them out thorough 2020.


Being on the road is part of this job, and most trips I've enjoyed this year, covering over 138,000 km, 22 cities and 9 countries. The people you meet, the knowledge shared, it's all worth the time spent getting from one destination to another. 

Here are the places I visited to talk about Red Hat technologies or meet with our partners and customers: 
  • Raleigh, NC (4x)
  • London, UK (2x)
  • Dublin, IR (2x)
  • Westford, MA (2x)
  • Edinburgh, UK
  • Prague, CZ
  • Boston, MA (3x)
  • Vienna, AU
  • Orlando, FL
  • Munich, DE
  • Warsaw, PL
This year travels were more focused on Europe and the USA, but who knows where next year will take me.

Thanks to you all 

I certainly hope you enjoyed what I was able to bring to you in 2019.

I want to thank you personally for attending any of the webinars, conference sessions, workshops, JUG's, and JBug's were our paths might have crossed or for just taking the time to read a published article.

2020 kicks off fast and furious with travel to all corners of the world, so stay tuned in here as we explore the amazing things you can achieve with open technologies and collaboration!