Eric D. Schabell: Blueprint for omnichannel integration architecture (webinar slides)

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Blueprint for omnichannel integration architecture (webinar slides)

omnichannel integration architecture
Are you interested in the insights to how organizations are implementing the foundational integration building blocks that lead to successful communication with their customers?

This story was presented today in a recorded available on demand webinar. Register to view recording of this webinar and you'll gain insights on how your current architecture can map to support your customers experiences, for a detailed look at an architectural blueprint based on successful customer solutions, and receive instruction on how to discuss an omnichannel architecture in detail.

omnichannel integration architectureHere's the official abstract and slides from the webinar for your viewing pleasure:

Agile integration is a broadly scoped discussion around how to use all the services and power contained in your organization’s current architecture. While the topic is interesting in its own right, let's take a deeper look at a specific solution within the integration context: providing an omnichannel customer experience. Omnichannel is the integration and orchestration of channels to make the experience of customer engagement across all channels as efficient as engagement with 1 channel. 

Be sure to register for access to the recorded session and feel free to reach out if you have questions  or feedback.