Eric D. Schabell: Beginners Guide - Building a retail web shop workshop

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Beginners Guide - Building a retail web shop workshop

The last few months there have been a series of updates to the various open source decision management technologies.

These new versions require updates to workshop content ensuring you have material that helps with getting hands-on with the latest technology.

Today we present the updated beginners guide workshop that teaches the use of decision management tooling through a project where you're building your own online retail web shop.

Retail web shop

This workshop will teach you how to build an online retail web shop that integrates rules, a front-end application, decision tables, rule-flows, and more.

beginners guide workshopsTake your first steps on the road to mastering decision management technologies.

You'll bet led step by step through all you need to learn, design, and deploy your first decision management project.

Workshop contents

  • Lab 1 - Install Red Hat Decision Manager
  • Lab 2 - Create a new project
  • Lab 3 - Create a domain model
  • Lab 4 - Create a domain specific language (DSL)
  • Lab 5 - Create guided rules
  • Lab 6 - Create technical rules (DRL)
  • Lab 7 - Create guided decision table
  • Lab 8 - Create rule flow
  • Lab 9 - Create test scenarios
  • Lab 10 - Running the online retail web shop
beginners guide workshopsWith all the latest updates, links to downloads for all needed product tooling on Red Hat Developers, you'll be on your way to learning how to effectively use decision management tooling in no time.

If you have any comments and or suggestions while using the workshop, please bring it to our attention