Wednesday, July 29, 2020

What the Dev? - Best practices for Agile integration with Red Hat's Eric Schabell - Episode 44

Funny enough, in all my years of writing, speaking, and recording video content on all matter of topics from baseball to technology... I've never been on a single podcast.

That all changed last week when I got the chance to join David Rubinstein, editor in chief of SD Times, for a quick chat on his podcast called What the Dev? 

This is a podcast by the SD Times editorial team, covering the biggest and newest topics in software and technology.

In this episode 44 we had a running conversation about agile integration, microservices, agile, cloud-native development, container platforms, hybrid cloud, and more.

Find out why so many struggle with their transition to these new concepts and technologies. Listen in to a few of the pitfalls that you can avoid as you scale out your development organization to effectively deliver and maintain microservice integration projects.

Best practices for Agile integration with Red Hat's Eric Schabell - Episode 44

This week, we spoke to Eric Schabell, the portfolio architect director at Red Hat, about Agile integration. A lot of enterprises are moving in the direction of Agile teams all with an eye on the digital transformation story where they're headed towards delivering things in a cloud native fashion. You'll hear some of the best ways in which to achieve that Agile integration. 

It's just a little over 16 minutes, something you can catch on your next coffee break. Hope you enjoy listening to our conversation and if you have any comments, just reach out to me as I'm always happy to hear from you.