Eric D. Schabell: Devoxx UK 2022 - Designing Your Best Architectural Diagrams (video)

Monday, May 23, 2022

Devoxx UK 2022 - Designing Your Best Architectural Diagrams (video)

devoxxuk 2022 Devoxx UK 2022 conference a week ago has posted recordings of all the sessions. I wanted to share our workshop session on how to start designing your best architectural diagrams

The Devoxx series is well know and I've attended and spoken at multiple sessions for the Belgian version in the past. It's very developer centric with a lot of good depth and knowledgable attendees.

Below you'll find the video recording of this 30 minute session and links to the free online workshop and slides used in this talk.

We've been hosting and customising this open source diagram tooling for over four years now and it's gained quite a bit of traction for those interested in designing their own architectural diagrams without the complexity of learning a grand tooling layout. We can get you started in just 30 minutes with this session!

The video recording is followed by the abstract of the talk:

Designing Your Best Architectural Diagrams

Diagraming is one of the most important communication tools for sharing your project and architectural ideas to your colleagues and teams. In this workshop walkthrough, attendees are exposed to an open source tool we host online for designing architecture diagrams like an expert. Attendees are walked through the following in just 30 mins:

  • open and explore the tooling in your favourite web browser
  • explore the provided asset libraries for drag-and-drop designing
  • learn about the three types of diagrams that make up a good design
  • create your first simple logical diagram
  • create your first simple schematic diagram
  • create a detailed diagram
  • how to export and import diagrams and elements from a diagram

This session is an introduction to the free online workshop available for attendees to jump right into after the session. Each of the individual labs in this workshop are stand alone, allowing the attendee to focus on anything of interest without having to work through the previous labs. If you're looking to become more proficient in sharing your ideas, architectures, and projects visually to wider audiences you can't underestimate the value of a good diagram. Join us to learn the tips and tricks that make a good diagram such a good communication vehicle and how our tooling eases your design tasks. Then head homewards with a free online workshop just waiting for you to explore! (Architecture - Tools-in-Action)

The slides are available online from a previous article.

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