Eric D. Schabell: Webinar - How to Wrestle Your Observability Data Demons and Win!

Friday, October 21, 2022

Webinar - How to Wrestle Your Observability Data Demons and Win!

This week I presented, together with Scott Kelly a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Chronosphere, a webinar talking about the advantages of a platform that gives you control over your observability data. 

This webinar is now available on demand and below you will find the slides we used and the details around the presentation.

We both hope you enjoyed our tour of the data challenges cloud native observability is facing and how the Chronosphere platform helps you with an innovative control plane which puts you in the data drivers seat.

How To Wrestle Your Observability Data Demons And Win! 

Stop observability overages, cut data volumes and costs by 48%, and improve remediation times 

The crazy growth of observability data often outpaces the growth of your applications and infrastructure. Data volume and complexity can quickly grow out of control - reducing system reliability, lengthening remediation time, and increasing costs.

To get data under control, central observability teams and engineers need detailed visibility into data usage, the ability to filter and aggregate data intelligently, and manage high cardinality data without weakening issue detection or query performance.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • About different architectures and methods for ingesting, filtering, and aggregating complex data
  • Why Chronosphere's unique server-side approach is optimally designed for the scale and complexity of cloud native observability data
  • How some of the most successful cloud native businesses have reduced data volumes on average by 48% while improving issue detection and remediation

 Here are the slides for your viewing pleasure:

Thanks for joining us and reach out if you have any questions or comments.