Eric D. Schabell: Trajectory 2022 - Shifting Cloud Native Observability to the Left

Thursday, October 6, 2022

Trajectory 2022 - Shifting Cloud Native Observability to the Left

Just this last month I was made aware of Trajectory 2022, a virtual conference. This conference is about exploring how development, engineering, and product teams are modernizing software development and delivery.

It's a two day conference spanning 9-10 November and speakers will share challenges, tips, insights and more from the frontlines of feature management. It sounded like a great venue for sharing some insights into how cloud native observability applies to your product releases and production environments in the modern cloud world.

The following talk I'm sharing touches on one of my favorite topics, how the promise of DevOps has led developers down a path that is totally unsatisfying in the cloud native world.

Let's take a look at the story I'm going to share about how we can get developers back to focusing on the work they want to be doing, instead of the operations work stealing from their productive hours.

Shifting Cloud Native Observability to the Left 

The emergence of cloud native environments has changed our platform world. Not only are you coding, but expected to deliver, maintain, and support all aspects of the platform. This change means the Ops in DevOps has been overshadowing why we got into development in the first place. There is hope for us yet if we can just manage to shift left to close the gap in our time spent on non-operational activities. How do we do that, you ask? It’s imperative that developers are given not only the organizational structure to succeed, and even more critical is the ability to reduce time on triaging failures in their deployments. Attendees will be provided with insights into DevOps cloud native tips and tricks to spending more time on projects that matter and less on call. Join us in learning how you can shift left with your DevOps activities to bring more joy to your days.

Key Takeaways

Attendees to this session will gain insights into DevOps and cloud native tips and tricks for spending more time on their projects that matter and less time on call. Real world actionable insights that bring value to their daily roles.

Don't forget to register, you can join talks for free. Hope to see you online!