Eric D. Schabell: Uptime Community - When does Kubernetes make sense?

Thursday, February 23, 2023

Uptime Community - When does Kubernetes make sense?

On Tuesday, February 28th at 19:00 hours CET, 13:00 East Coast, and 10:00 West Coast I'm going to be at the Uptime community event titled, When does K8s make sense? 

As the event page states, it's going to be a lot of fun with four experts debating on the topic of 'When Does Kubernetes Make Sense?'. 

The panel will work its way through three main questions:

  1. When does Kubernetes make sense? Which situations have they personally seen?
  2. How is this changing? What has to change in tools, management or core K8s?
  3. How does it impact engineers? What skills are most helpful - and most overlooked?

Questions from the audience will be embedded into the discussion by the moderator.

The fun part of this online event is that we will be teamed up, two against two. One team taking the stance that we need more Kubernetes usage across use cases and organizations regardless of their size. The other team will state the opposite and suggest that a more careful approach is needed instead of seeing every problem as solvable with the Kubernetes hammer.

My fellow panelist are all interesting people and well worth your time to join us for a listen:

Lior Kamrat - Principal Product Manager Azure Arc Platform @ Microsoft

Lior is a Principal Program Manager at Microsoft, specifically, the Azure Arc Platform. He previously worked at VMware and is an avid blogger.

Omer Hamerman - Principal DevOps engineer @ Zesty

Omer is a Principal DevOps Engineer at After earning his BS in Computer Science as well as Industrial Engineering and Management, Omer began his career in DevOps and never looked back. Omer loves learning about new technologies and better approaches to merging Dev and Ops. 

Natan Yellin - Co-founder and CEO @ Robusta

Natan is a co-founder of - an open-source platform for better Kubernetes monitoring, based on Prometheus. In the past he was a passable programmer who recently tried rust but couldn't get any of it to compile.

The moderator: Amit Eyal Govrin - Co-founder and CEO @ Kubiya

Amit led the AWS Global DevOps and DevSecOps partnerships, is a former VP at Cloudyn and a second time founder in the DevOps domain.

What team will I be on and what camp am I in?

Updated 8 March 2023:

Here is the recording for you to enjoy.